For anybody travelling, whether it be for work or for leisure, there have been numerous accommodation options available, and the hotel industry has been the ‘go-to’ choice for the majority. However, times are changing and an increasing number of guests are opting for serviced accommodation. This is due in large part to the fact that serviced accommodation arguably has much more to offer, and therefore stands out in the hotel industry by comparison. 
As a result of a recent study (commissioned by Guesty), 83.2% of respondents feel that short-term rentals (such as vacation rentals and Airbnbs) have won over hotel-goers, with this new user-base unlikely to book a traditional hotel stays post-pandemic. 
1. More Spacious Accommodation Option 
There is no denying, that even if you splurge and book rooms larger than the average, hotel rooms tend to lack space. This can make you feel somewhat claustrophobic during your stay, particularly when staying for an extended period of time and/or have a lot of luggage. When choosing to stay in serviced accommodation, you are not confined to one single space, and typically have plenty more room to lounge in. Serviced accommodation is a more comfortable, and roomier alternative to the space a hotel room often provides. 
2. Guests Want Privacy 
In a pandemic-stricken world guests will be more concerned about their personal space than ever before. Whilst a hotel room does provide some privacy, many of the facilities are shared with other guests. Serviced accommodation, however, ensures full privacy at all times throughout the duration of the stay. As a guest, you have your own kitchen, bathroom, and living area to enjoy. There is no need to be concerned about anybody else during your stay. 
3. A Home Away from Home 
When travelling, a growing number of guests are searching for a home away from home rather than a typical hotel experience. A serviced apartment contains all of the amenities you could possibly need to feel at home, no matter where you are, and is brimming with creature comforts. This includes a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, workspace, and room to entertain guests. 
4. Cost 
The cost of both short-term rentals and hotel rooms can vary considerably. In both cases, you’re likely to find a variety of options ranging from budget rooms to luxurious apartments. The price you pay will depend on the location, size and standard of your chosen accommodation. However, short-term accommodation often works out to be a lot more affordable than hotels because apartments and studios come with self-catering facilities. Having access to a kitchen allows you to prepare your own breakfast, cook up a quick dinner and enjoy as much tea and coffee as you can manage. This can have a significant impact on the cost of your trip and help you save your holiday budget for something a little more exciting. 
5. Convenience 
Both hotels and short-term rentals can be found in convenient spots around the world, so if location is important to you, finding the right property shouldn’t be a problem. If you plan to spend some time in your accommodation, short-term rentals are generally more convenient than hotels as they have living rooms and kitchens, whereas a hotel offers just a bed and bathroom. 
6. Style 
As demand for short-term rentals has grown, so too has the standard of accommodation available. These days, it’s pretty easy to find stylish and affordable apartments in fantastic locations, allowing you to stay in a luxurious property in the heart of your chosen town or city. While stylish hotels are also available, they often charge a considerable premium for designer touches and luxury extras. This can leave you feeling like you’re paying over the odds for your room, even if it is in a great location. 
7. Serviced Accommodation for Long Term Stays 
Staying in a hotel for a short period of time can be enjoyable, as well as a way to reward yourself and get a change of scenery. A hotel space, on the other hand, is not the most realistic choice for a longer stay. Fortunately, serviced apartments are suitable for any length of stay. Serviced apartments are suitable for stays of several weeks or months because they have all you need as well as your own room. 
At Tempstay, we have created a reputable, high-quality serviced accommodation option within the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire areas. Whether you will be travelling for work or for pleasure, whether your stay is short-term, or something a bit longer, we can provide private, yet affordable environments for you to enjoy your stay in maximum comfort. 
To find out more, or to make a booking, get in touch with the Tempstay team. 
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