Are you considering letting out a property as serviced accommodation? If so, you may have been hesitant up to now because you’re worried your property or goods (if it’s furnished) may be damaged. 
It’s a valid concern, and one that we’re happy to put your mind at rest with. That’s because here at Tempstay we have several channels we use to claim back cash for damages or any unexpected cleaning that needs carrying out. This allows us to replace any items which have gone astray or been broken and to make sure the accommodation is the condition your tenants would expect to find it. 
If your property has been let via Airbnb, for instance, then we will claim back through the site itself. The company offers host damage protection for up to $1 million. 
Airbnb – what’s covered 
● Damage to the property or goods caused by a guest (or others) 
● Unexpected cleaning costs incurred due to the behaviour of a guest (or others) during their stay 
● Income lost if you need to cancel other confirmed Airbnb bookings due to damage caused by a guest (or others) 
The type of thing that isn’t covered by Airbnb’s insurance policy includes damage via wear and tear (i.e. a sofa become worn over the years), acts of nature (such as a Tsunami or earthquake) and injured guests or visitors (although this is probably covered under liability insurance if you have it). and Direct Booking – security deposits 
In the case of properties which are let out via both and Direct Booking then we always take a security deposit upfront. This is relative to the cost of the let. 
If the damage, stolen item/s or unexpected cleaning cost is in excess of the security deposit then we will always claim back for the outstanding amount of money owed. We never want you to be out of pocket for something for which you are entirely blameless. 
All properties on Tempstay 
At Tempstay we also charge guests a security deposit, which must be paid up to seven days prior to check in. As additional protection we also require all landlords and property owners to agree to having an insurance policy which covers damages and legal fees to their apartment or house. 
We currently use the independent insurance broker, Alan Boswell Group. This covers you for a number of specific areas, such as: 
● The exterior of the building, should it be damaged and require building work due to a flood, fire etc. 
● Your contents, such as furniture and furnishings. 
● Injuries to tenants or their guests as a result of your property (i.e., tripping over a loose floorboard, masonry coming loose and hitting them, etc). 
● Injuries to a workman or other employee at the property. 
● Loss of income due to the property being uninhabitable. 
@moneycouk: “A landlord liability policy can cover: 
● The cost of compensation awarded to your tenants 
● Your legal costs 
● Your tenants' legal costs, if you are found to be at fault.” 
Additionally, all of our properties are fitted with an 'Anti-Party' device, monitoring noise, occupancy, temperature and humidity. These devices are not used to record any noise within the household, but to ensure guests have a pleasant stay and our neighbours are not disturbed. 
To find out more about what we can offer you as the owner of a serviced accommodation property, tel: 02033 624 111 or email: 
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