If there is one place you can be assured you’ll find a level of luxury when staying there, it’s in the UK’s capital. Hotels such as the Ritz and Claridge’s are nothing if not over-indulgent. But they aren’t the only ones - an emerging trend in London’s upmarket hospitality sector is luxury serviced accommodation. 
Oriental rugs and marble dining tables 
At your typical luxury serviced apartment, you can expect to find an around-the-clock concierge with impressive interior design, such as wood-panelled walls, a marble dining table and velvet headboards. These are combined with indulgent touches such as top-of-the-range linen, oriental rugs, stunning artworks and luxury toiletries. Public areas with a gym and theatre room – even a rooftop bar – may also be on the cards. 
Luxury hampers and supermarket shops 
Other indulgences are luxury hampers on arrival, an order-in service for restaurant deliveries and having the concierge book tickets for theatre shows, restaurants and various attractions. The serviced apartment’s concierge service often operates around the clock, seven days a week. Dry cleaning, laundry and airport pickups and courier services can also be arranged. So too can supermarket shops so that when a guest arrives, they’ll find everything they need to start cooking for themselves. 
Luxury serviced apartments are certainly giving the capital’s upmarket hotel accommodation a run for their money. According to those in the hospitality industry, luxury serviced apartments are becoming so popular these days because travellers want private luxury residences rather than hotels to help them unwind and relax. They want, it appears, a ‘home from home’ experience but with the type of added benefits not available in your typical hotels. 
@Forbes: “Most people want a break from reality but also don’t want to compromise on the comforts of their own home. The concept of luxury apartment living offers the option to feel like you are escaping from everyday life while having everything you need for a comfortable stay. 
Spa treatments and keyless access 
During their stay in many luxury apartments, guests may have access to services from other key brands - from spa treatments to private chefs – which the serviced apartment owners are in partnership with. And, just as hotel guests can book their stay online, many serviced apartments offer the same online check-in arrangements via their own app. Keyless access is another hotel-like bonus, as is direct messaging, with the company managing the serviced apartments. 
Location, location, location 
Another factor for many luxury serviced apartments these days is their location. Just as the capital’s iconic luxury hotels are situated in the heart of the city with access to major attractions, so too are the luxury serviced apartments. They can also be situated either very close to public transport links or have on-site parking facilities. 
One thing is for sure, the luxury hotels in the UK capital can no longer rest on their laurels. It’s time for them to up their game if they want to keep attracting their best clientele. Otherwise, luxury serviced apartments will beat them at their own game. 
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