Interior Design Trends for Autumn and Winter 
From panelled walls to creative uses with tiles and introducing some bright pink into rooms, a lot is going on in interior design terms this autumn and winter. 
If you’re planning on giving your home a cosy quick make-over for the cooler months ahead – or even a long-term renovation – then take a read at what’s currently in vogue. And no doubt will be for some time to come: 
70s Interior Design 
Yes, it was the era of in-your-face colours, weird and wacky textile design and, well, fun. Now the 70s design influence is back, and the result is a more playful and colourful look in our homes. And that spells optimism and joy – an extremely appropriate emotion for Christmas, we reckon. 
As well as funky colours and shapes, there was also the 70s desire to incorporate natural materials, such as handmade pottery, cork, rattan and glass into homes. Plants, too, had a big look-in during this era, especially the ubiquitous cheese plant. Texturally, materials came in the form of velvet throws and shag pile rugs. There were animal prints and geometric designs everywhere. Orange was a favourite colour, so too was red, lime and purple. But you don’t have to go all-out on funky retro shades if you don’t want to; more muted versions of these colours are available. That way you can still have the 70s colour theme but in a less stark fashion. 
Who can remember the glamour and noise from those beaded curtains that replaced the door between the kitchen and sitting room?! A couple of electric blue lampshades, an orange floor rug, and bold cushion colours can give your room a 70s ‘update’ without too much fuss. And it won’t cost a fortune either. Concentrating on accessories is an excellent way to introduce these bold colours without feeling overwhelmed. 
Pink kitchens 
And, staying with colour, pastel pink kitchens are definitely on the rise. The colour is making homeowners happy, according to recent well-being surveys. And that’s not a bad thing at all. After all, many of us still haven’t completely shaken off the grey gloom of the recent pandemic. 
If you are considering changing your cabinetry to a warmer pastel pink shade, then it’s easy enough to paint your existing doors and drawers. Alternatively, just purchase replacement cabinet doors (rather than go all out and buy new cabinets). It’s easier and far cheaper too. In terms of accessories, rose gold, gold or brass work well with various shades of pink. Change the handles on the cabinetry, and introduce vases or a pendant light or two in these colours and materials. 
Wood panelling 
Yes, this trend for affixing wood to our walls has been around for a while now – but it’s certainly not going anywhere soon. If anything, the desire to introduce more wood into our homes is increasing for many homeowners. It was the lockdowns that started the wood panelling trend; bored homeowners were putting it up themselves as DIY became the hobby of the day (or month). To the extent, UK homeowners spent £110.3 billion on home improvements during lockdown. 
To make sure your home doesn’t look too Tudor-like, it’s a good idea to paint over the wood with a neutral – or even bold (if you’re doing the 70’s retro thing) – shade of paint. There’s no doubt about it, though, wood panelling adds an upmarket, luxurious touch to a room – whether it’s on a feature wall in the sitting room or doubling as a headboard in the bedroom. 
Sustainable materials 
Another reason wood panelling appeals to so many homeowners is that the wood these days tends to be sustainable. And sustainability is big news in our lives, especially when it comes to furnishing our homes. Bamboo flooring, cork on our walls, stone tiles as a decorative feature – it all counts towards our ‘green’ credentials and, at the same time, makes us feel better about our choices. 
Biophilia is still ‘a thing’ in interior design circles. By this, we mean having plenty of plants around to clean the air and provide more oxygen. Not to mention the fact they also look great and are an excellent way of introducing colour and a sense of calmness to our environment. 
Upcycling is still a big trend for furniture. For accessories, think raffia, cane or rattan (especially when it comes to outdoor seating). And it’s not only for flooring that wood that can be reclaimed and recycled. 
Transformative tiling 
Tiles are a great way of introducing patterns and colour to walls and floors. How about using them to create a stylish headboard or display them in motif form? After all, tiles can themselves be stunning to look at with their various designs and match-up patterns. They’re also available in stunningly bold shades such as inky blue these days and in colourful mosaic form. The best bit about bespoke tiling is that it’s unique to you and your family home. And it can provide hours of fun working out the pattern and laying them down if you plan on embarking on a DIY project. 
Smart storage 
Who doesn’t need storage these days? Unless you’ve read Marie Kondo and been incredibly strict with yourself, you’ve probably got lots of stuff in your abode for which you need to find a home. Yes, throwing out those old-school exercise jotters and the kid's footprints in ceramic can be difficult. And that’s where clever storage comes in. 
Open shelving can provide lots of extra storage. Simply invest in pretty baskets and put all those messy accessories in. Indeed, this is an excellent idea for a rustic kitchen look, for instance. Hanger racks are a good way to store items such as pots and pans and add a country kitchen feel. 
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The above are just a few interior ideas to get you started on a makeover this autumn/winter. If you’re looking for short-term accommodation or have a place to rent out, then get in touch: 
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